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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  October 19, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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this is "world news." tonight, the silent no more. for the first time, victim number one, the boy who took down jerry sandusky, speaks out. and abc's chris cuomo tracks down the people he says did not help. >> chris cuomo from abc news. we've been trying to get in touch with you. razor thin. inside the new presidential polls. hidden america. the first look at an unprecedented event. rival gang members from chicago's dangerous streets. in one room, the anger -- >> you're going to be the prey or the predator. >> the surprises. and the night after, one of them is shot six times. and really, amy? >> really? >> really. >> tonight, the secret message
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that makes a funny girl our "person of the week." good evening. tonight, we begin with the stunning story of bravery, by a young boy who stood up after he says so many adults looked the other way. it is an abc news exclusive. for the very first time, the young man who brought down a football legend in pennsylvania, coach jerry sandusky, speaks out. his name is aaron fisher, and until now, he has been called victim number one. "20/20" coof anchor chris cuomo is here now with what it took for a child to come forward and chris searches for answers from adults this young man says let him down. >> reporter: the epic investigation of penn state university and it's famed former coach all started with one boy. >> my name's aaron, otherwise known as victim one. >> reporter: aaron was 11 when
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he met jerry sandusky, after he was invited to join a free summer camp in pennsylvania, run by the local legend. >> he just seemed like the all-natural father figure. >> reporter: sandusky took a liking to aaron, bringing him to sporting events, sleepovers at sandusky's house. terrible things are going on. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: just you and him, right? >> in the basement, yes. >> reporter: and he says he wasn't safe at school either. sandusky, who volunteered as a football coach there, began regularly pulling him out of class to see him. >> the one place i thought i could feel safe and it's just completely shattered. >> reporter: but you weren't able to say -- >> no. >> reporter: -- this guy is a monster, he's sexually assaulting me. >> couldn't do it. >> reporter: why? >> embarrassment. fear of not being believed. >> reporter: finally, when he was 15, he told the school principal about the abuse. his mother says, in that principal's office, her son was betrayed again. >> they tell me to go home and think about it.
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>> reporter: go home and think about what? >> that's what i said. >> here i am, beside my mom, crying, telling her, don't believe me. i knew they wouldn't. >> reporter: in a way, he was right. police said they would need more victims to go up against the legendary sandusky. why wasn't aaron enough? >> jerry sandusky walked on water. and we were going to send this kid up against an icon. we needed more evidence. >> reporter: for three years, aaron told his story to authorities over and over -- still no arrest. meanwhile, the victims were piling up. sandusky was finally sentenced for his crimes against many boys just last week, but what about others like coach steve tuchetta, who helped sandusky get aaron out of class to meet him. we wanted to know why he didn't speak up. mr. turchetta? >> please turn the camera off. >> reporter: chris cuomo from abc news. we've been trying to get in touch with you. >> please turn the camera off. >> reporter: he may not want to talk to us, but he admitted to a grand jury he had suspicions,
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even though he said he didn't know of any assaults. nothing to say to him mom? nothing to say to aaron? nothing at all? >> and chris is here now. chris, you seek out other adults on this young man's behalf? >> reporter: we do. the principal who told aaron's mother to go home when they made allegations of abuse. the prosecutor for the attorney general, it took three years for this case to be brought. we find out why, for aaron tonight. >> and you were saying, you don't call him victim number one around here. >> reporter: no, we call him hero number one and there are already rumblings there may be an investigation into how this was handled. >> i want everybody to be sure to know you can see all of chris cuomo's exclusive report, it is stunning and it is tonight on "20/20" at 10:00 p.m. eastern. and now, we turn to the race for the white house. these pictures say it all. the candidates and their running mates and their wives, all out, all going full throttle, trying to win over just a tiny number
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of people in those battleground states who could be the ones who decide it all in 18 days. when americans go to the polls, it's your voice, your vote. and abc's david muir has a question and an answer for all of us. in this blizzard of polls, as of tonight, who would win this race? >> reporter: president in virginia today, women filling the backdrop and a new attack line. >> if you say you're for equal pay for equal work, but you keep refusing to say whether or not you'd sign a bill that protects people pay for equal work. you may have romnesia. >> reporter: late today, mitt romney boarding a plane for florida, after hours in debate prep. but with new polling sending mixed signals, who is really winning this race right now? everyone at home keeping score, who is winning the race tonight? >> obama. >> reporter: by how much? >> not by much. we think he might be up by one point nationally and two points
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in the most important battleground states. >> reporter: in the political word, nate silver is known as a numbers wit, for his blog in "the new york times." the answer so why he thinks the president is winning right now lies in the battlegrounds. look at this. just one key scenario. if the president can hold onto his leads in ohio, wisconsin and iowa, and he'd have the electoral map to win. in fact, romney could sweep six other swing states and it still would not be enough. nate's math also takes into account the stock market, the unemployment rate. and just today, we learned in seven key swing states, unemployment dropped, including the must-win state now for both campaigns, ohio. overnight at the al smith dinner a tradition to bring both candidates together. the president, jokingly asked this. >> in less than three
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. basically right now we can kind of see why we're looking at a setup of a tornado warning. and if we zoom in just a little bit here, we'll take that off and if we zoom in just a little bit on this, here is the situation. we've got inbound-outbound winds rotating right over the area. let me give you a different
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perspective on that. i'll take the map view here. i want to head over into storm track and give you the cities again. just to give you where the line of next arrival will be on this particular cell. again, rotation indicated by radar. this could be a very brief spinup. but there it is. that's our inbound-outbound velocity coup let. what you're looking at here is red -- all these shaded areas in red, those are moving away from our sterling, virginia radar sign. green are moving towards the radar site. that is a full rotating structure in this storm. perhaps touching down. perhaps staying elevated. we can't say for sure, but this is why we have an active tornado warning in central baltimore county, and that's why we're bringing the live coverage as we speak. again, a little different perspective here. here is the storm in motion. you can see the embedded thunder and lightning here. the same storm cell came over the northwest side of the
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beltway now into the center heart of baltimore county and moving into north central baltimore county. eventually could make its way into southern hartford county. the movement is north, northwest. munkton next in line. the hunt valley area after. but at the moment, that's exactly where the storm is heading just east of the i83 corridor. really along york road even as you go up through the valley. so, again, one of the situations if you're in that area, you want to head to a place of safety. it's a narrow confined spot that we're tracking here. but, again, anyone in that section or just north and northwest of this particular storm cell now is the time to keep an eye on the sky. and if you're in the direct line of the storm, we want you to go to the lowest interior room of your first floor. that's the place we want you to
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go. we don't know what could be on the ground here. we want to step out to manipulate maryland's top layer. we'll zoom in a little tighter here and get a perspective of what we're looking at. the storm now clearing or actually going directly over the area and moving north, northwest. this is going to put us a little further out into the area here. and let me just turn on a few other tournz. here we go. again, the -- towns. here we go. again the situation here is where we have the situation for a torn add i can touchdown. let me come off the storm track and see if i can pull up a funnel track tracking the storm cell. there we go. and, again, munkton in the path of this storm system. let's see where it is. you know if you have the super wal-mart up there. right up here where york road splits.
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we come out a little further and take a look at the setup here. a tremendous amount of rain coming down here. maybe 6 inches of rain per hour. it's touch to see. that's one of the reasons we're bringing you live coverage here because this storm. difficult to tell if a tornado would be touching down here. this is our setup. as we speak right now. that storm moving through the co cockysville area. the phoenix area would be in line on this storm. and so we're watching this very, very carefully. we're going to see how the storm continues to move at and this point in time a tornado warning in effect. the statement from the national weather service saying central baltimore county. this storm capable of producing
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a tornado. now is the time to take cover and not just in -- i want to come to a little different perspective here. this is not just for cockysville towards woods dale farm as the storm moves from southwest to northeast. it may come a little closer to carol manor here. but this part is where we have an active tornado warning. the possibility of a tornado. this is why we're bringing you this live breaking weather coverage if we see the storm lose it's rotation. if we cancel this tornado warning. obviously we'll be back. probably maryland's most powerful radar. you see this notch. that is an area where we have winds coming at the radar. winds moving to the radar south and west. just east of route 83. buried in central baltimore county. so here is a larger look.
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large storm cell. we have a tremendous updraft in the storm. probably some hail coming down here as well. plenty of embedded and lightning. the storm track moving into western hartford county. so like, again, these are the areas that you want to kind of be keeping an eye on. a different perspective here now. i want to zoom in a little bit here if we can. i do want to bring in roseanne if you're seeing anything on the social media strings, we encourage you not to get in the line of fire here but if you do hear of any reports or if you see a funnel and you're in a safe place. there's someplace you can do that. if you're in the cockyvville area. i want to make sure we have our neighborhood turned on and our city layer. i can do that. let me come down here and make
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sure that we have the highest resolution turned on because, again, as we get away from hunt valley and cockiesville, there are neighborhoods that need to be concerned with the track on this particular storm. no question about that as we take a look here. let's bring up it again. the change in wind direction, again, an indication of potential severe weather occurring as we speak. a potential tornado frankly in the setup here. we go back to storm track mode and as we look at the latest projection, in cockeysville and moving north. now, right now this tornado warning expiring right at the 7:00 hour.
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-hour. we'll cancel the warning and get you back to regular programming. an intense cell moving just east of i83. so if you're watching from the immediate i83 corridor or points west such as maze chaep. may s chapel. and it's as we go east and northeast if the storm maintains its strengths, that's where we're going to have a concern. let me go back to storm track mode here. and, again, if you do happen to get the ability to give us the storm report, picks at you can check out our station facebook or twitter page, please do that at abc2 weather. >> we have somebody on the ground right there. sherrill was out there for the race for the cure. we have her on the phone right now. sherrill, do you hear me?
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>> i can hear you. >> what do you see out there right now? >> you know, it was incredible. i have to say that mother nature was on our side to get you a live shot around 6:05. right about five minutes after that we felt the lightning really picked up. and then we were standing underneath that area that we were showing you live at 5:00 and 6:00. they call it shot maryland. if you can picture it's like an rv and there are doors that fold up. and we thought that was enough cover. and then myself. the rain was incredibly heavy. and also the wind got us for 20 minutes. i need to change clothes if you guys don't mind shopping for me. they are absolutely drenched. and we were surrounded by some people who were also trying to seek cover and they went inside the shop maryland area.
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we had had a live van there so we were able to jump in there. but one little girl might have been four or five years old just started crying. and i can understand. it was violent. the rain, the wind, and we're seeing it slowed down now fortunately. i think it has stopped raining. but at this point, yes, it looks like -- it's a little bit steady, yes. it's a little bit steady. but it certainly has slowed down compared to what we were seeing again for about 20 minutes. so i think we're getting in the clear. we're at hunt valley town center, and that's where we were seeing it come down. >> and we're talking about something that moves very quickly. it's like one minute it seems like it wasn't there and then the next minute, boom, it was all over the place. >> and as you know, we can't join you live if there's lightning. and i looked at tony and said, wow, we were lucky. it was just about five minutes after the mass came down and the lightning really picked up. and then the rain, i mean, it
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went from a drizzle to an absolute downpour. an umbrella was nothing. in fact, the umbrella was taking us away. >> wow. >> so the little girl crying far away set it off because it was so violent. >> what about the wind. the wind must have been picking up out there as well. >> it was tough to stay on our feet to be quite honest. no hail that i saw. did you see any hail? >> no. >> no, we didn't see any hail. it was just the rain that we were trying to duck and get some cover. again, our live truck right here. we were able to jump in. but just a few feet away from that shop maryland area. and, i'm telling you, we were drenchd. there was no umbrella to help us. >> all right. thank you. we'll keep you around on the line in case we can come back to you or something like that. >> okay. >> because the weather as we've been mentioning all evening, the weather has been really, really
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moving through the area. and if all of the communities if you look at the weather on your screen, radar on the screen right now, you see which way the storm is moving so we want to make sure that you are safe and that you get to cover here. if you do see something like that, we want you to be in a safe place. but if you see something coming like that, send it to our website pix at or post it on our facebook page and you can post it there and we'll be able to get that out on the air to you. but also here is some tips too for the areas that are affected. you can see just how it is breaking down and how it's moving through the neighborhoods and when it will hit into your neighborhood in about a minute it will be in the munkton area. but remember when severe weather comes into your area, get into a low lying area so that you're not affected by this. go to the basement. if you don't have a basement, go to an internal room in the house. somewhere like maybe under a staircase or something like that. don't go outside, especially
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when the weather is coming down. stay away from windows in case there are high winds that can cause some damage. because we really want you to be safe out there. you have a really good look at this right now as far as just how the it's moving through the area. >> the storm is maintaining its strength to a fair degree here. now, let's put a new storm track on this thing. the core of the storm is now kind of just north of the phoenix area. and we'll put a new storm track -- lay a new storm track on here and give you an idea where the storm is headed next. faun grove, pilesville, you get the idea. again, this is the most intense part of the storm. and, in fact, we can bring you into a different perspective here. this is just west of the fox wood community basically right here on the baltimore, harvard county line. this is the rotating area here. it has now moved away from
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cockeysville. moved away from the hunt valley region had which is good. that's highly populated area. you don't want to see a rotation anywhere. as we give you a little different perspective here, i want to go south and west of parkton and zoom in a little. now, just south of munkton, here we go, munkton area, this would be where the rotating storm is located right now. just north of the ridge just south. now, keep in mind the radar can only see with a certain degree of precision in terms of where any drop down of a funnel cloud would occur. so i don't want to get too, too specific here. we have seen many situations of severe weather through the years where the funnel could be dropping down. perhaps a mile or two north of this. closer into munkton perhaps. so any of these communities, fox wood, mission ridge, munkton, even areas south. get to a safe place, if you have
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a basement or cellular available, that, of course, is your number one recipe to stay safe in a tornado situation. this storm continuing to track north and west eventually be crossing over the hartford county board er here. and so if you're watching from hartford county, we'll see if we get another tornado warning for hartford county. moving rapidly. people in jartsville, you can be next in the path of this rotating storm right now. so this is actually a storm that came up quickly. just after the 6:00 news. we saw the tornado warning come down at 6:30. and then we quickly got air because we want to make sure all of our viewers in central baltimore county stay safe in these type of situations. if we see the storm lose its rotation, if we drop the tornado warning, we'll get you back to programming. but for now we have to stay on the storm. and this is an old storm track. let me pull that off of there. it has now cleared the phoenix area, so that's good. that's what we want to see. but let me get out of this setup
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here. and let's give you a better look. this is our -- there is two -- when you look at doppler radar, you have to understand. we look at two different products. there is two different ways to look at these storms. and one of them is to look at the rotating winds. that is this view. when you see this view and you see the red and the green, these are inbound and outbound winds. and this would be a look at where the tornado would be right now. and as we look at the reflectivity product, the most intense part of the storm, the storm top right between fox wood and munkton. it's in the southwestern quadrant trailing the main hail shaft of the storm down here. tracking north and east. eventually closer to fox wood. it shows a little bit less intensity or a high return. a high radar return. but if we come back, let's put
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this in motion. look at the storm motion here and where we're headed next, you can get an idea. you can see this will be tracking quickly across the border into the jartsville area and spring meadows, that's where we're watching next. but, again, back to our velocity -- this is a good sign. we do still have some rotating winds here. inbound and outbound winds. but right now as we look at this storm, we have lost some of the rotation. so perhaps and we hope nothing did touchdown and we'll get those reports here over the next 13-45 minutes. as we look at the storm, we see less rotation. we can have damaging wind here and there. the actual rotating storm, this is thousands of feet up where the radar is scanning. 7:30 now. so we have an extension on the tornado warning. did i get that right. is this going to be -- all right. baltimore county through probably 7:00 p.m.. still we're going to extend the
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tornado warning now into hartford county through 7:30. because if this storm picks up rotation again, that's -- we're going to have to watch. we still see some rotation. the intense rotation we had over cockeysville and hunts valley, that has relaxed a little bit. but we still have a severe weather situation. let's put a storm track on the system right now. we're still in that sort of velocity mode here. let me see if i can lay down a fresh storm track finding the radar system gets really data heavy and it takes a few more seconds to pull it up. there we go. and i'll come out just a little wider perspective. because although the thunderstorm is wider than the area of rotation, if the area of rotation that we have most concern. i don't know if we can briefly drop the lower banner here. i do want to show the towns.
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jarretsville 7:28. this is why we have an extension of the warning into the northern half of hartford county. bell air south, i think we're in the clear. bell air southward. but as you go north of bell air, you want to be in a safe place as this rotating thunderstorm with an actual tornado warning from the national weather service pushes through. i would say jarretsville, now is the time to take cover. and these time estimates, i don't want to get too specific. these are best estimates. sometimes the storm creeps up a few minutes faster than that. so 7:07, you may not have quite until 7:07. this storm is knocking on your door right now. so right now would be the time to head to your safe place. let me go with the fresh storm track here. has the speed decreased. we're extending it. it's just not moving as fast as
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we first saw it, i guess. >> the situation is simply that be know the storm is showing rotation. not just for a minute or two. many storms can spin up for a minute or two or three. we had 15 minutes, 20 minutes now of rotation in the storm. it appears to have -- the rotation is weakening a little. the movement of the storm has a lot of perspective here. the movement of the storm you can see clearly takes it out of baltimore county up through jarretsville, northwestern hartford county. these areas need to be taking shelter now. it's continuing to move and we're still seeing the lightning, the high winds and the possibility of hail in some of these areas. >> absolutely. >> that's what we're seeing. i will say this. this particular track -- what i said earlier about the time when
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you cannot get too specific on the time of arrival. so basically just another minute or two. so this is why we say get to a safe place now. bell air is in the swath of the storm. bell air north and just north of bell air could be included in this. but at this point in time it will be there as well. we have a different perspective here now. this is the rotation. we still have a velocity couplet. what's that? >> basically when the radar is seeing the inbound and outbound winds. basically when we see the radar, it's scanning the sky, hail, snow, they're reflecting back at the radar. okay. in this situation we're showing velocity. inbound and outbound winds. the radar measuring -- this is
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when we talk about doppler speed. changing wind speeds relative to the radar site. we have winds moving away from the radar and towards the radar in one small area here. right on the hartford county and baltimore county board er, and that's why we have a -- border, and that's why we have a current tornado warning. adds we come out to a little wider perspective, i want you to take a look at the most recent warnings coming in here. again, we have an active tornado warning for hartford county that's going to continue through perhaps 7:30. we'll see, this is a good track. i like this track. the computer will at times pull up slightly different storm tracks. but based on the movement we've seen so far from cockeysville and hunts valley and again we still have a strong indication of rotation with the storm. keep in mind the radar scanning several thousand feet up into the atmosphere because the radar site that we use for these type of radar products is down west of the dc area. will so by the tim


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